Saturday, March 04, 2006

LMPC 3.4.1 is ready for download

LMPC 'Deggendorf' got its proper name LMPC 3.4.1 and can now be downloaded from the LMPC home page.
To be honest, I did not learn really much in adding Q3A support to LMPC. Possibly it's more interesting to finally finish the OpenDemo cutter GUI, which I wrote in wxPerl.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

LMPC 'Deggendorf' supports Q3A

I found the last bug in my DM3 writer code for LMPC. Now LMPC can read and write binary and text DM3 files (all 4 transformations are completely implemented).
The next steps included cosmetic code improvements and the removing of all the now not needed Q3A source code. I'll update the documentation, the recording faq etc. and will produce a new LMPC release - code name "Deggendorf".
I choosed this code name because I hurt myself during a taekwon-do school opening demonstration in Deggendorf. Due to this problem I cannot go to the usual taekwon-do classes and now have a lot more free time to improve LMPC.